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We produce a wide range of products for our clients, including foam seating, steering wheels, arms, foot and head rests, bumpers, spoilers, fenders, mud flaps and dashboards.

Our staff will assist you in the design and manufacture of any product you may require.

As a major supplier of vehicle trim parts to all seven original equipment manufacturers in South-Africa, EPF holds various international quality certifications, including ISO TS16949:2002 from British Standard Institution, BSI. Many of our components undergo rigorous testing at the South African Bureau of Standards, SABS, and Gerotek testing facilities.

We employ over 300 people and our modern production facility of 30 000m≤ has some of the most sophisticated production equipment available. Our quality is such that many of our components are found in Europe, Japan and beyond. The group also has technical agreements and joint ventures with leading European companies to produce the best possible product on the market.

With such breadth and depth of expertise, the group is structured to enable easy cross-fertilisation of ideas between all the groupsí various business interests. This improves our competitive advantage and furthers our aim to become our customerís preferred supplier in every sphere of our activities.